Treasurer’s Report 2013-14

Hello SPOT members,


SPOT on DD began the year with a surplus of $11, 539 and ended up with surplus of $19, 855 in the accounts at the end of the financial year.  This gain represents considerably less money spent on facilities and trainers in 2013-14 e.g. we had free presentations from Michael Curtin in 2013. We also spent less money on grants. There was overall less money received for workshops and memberships than the previous year.



Crunching the numbers…

•    At the end of financial year, SPOT on DD had 99 members (down from 148 in previous financial year.) Currently at 42.
–    60% Occupational Therapists
–    20% Physiotherapists
–    14% Speech Pathologists
–    2% Students
–    3% Unknown

•    We provided $1025 of rural grants to attend the workshop.

•    We are operating mainly now from the Community Solutions Westpac Cheque account which has been developed for not for profits. It has no fees and pays interest. We still have the previous cheque account but we will be looking into closing it in the next few weeks.

•    We continued using PayPal to process memberships by card payments.

•    We updated the website and engaged an external developer to assist with this at a cost of $1242. This will come under next financial years results though.

•    We used MYOB accounting software online to process payments and make invoices. This connects directly to the Westpac accounts. It costs $29 a month.

•    We received around $22, 510 throughout the financial year through mostly workshop/conference and membership payments. The TranSPOT workshop revenue will be split between the last financial year and next. We spent $14, 446 with the bulk going towards the conference/workshop payments.


As always, thank you to Adam Petherick who continues to offer his faithful assistance by auditing our accounts.


Further breakdown of income, expenditure and the financial audit report can be found here.



Emily Wechter
Treasurer SPOT on DD